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Monday, March 02, 2015  
 Welcome to the Illinois Bujinkan Hiken Dojo website Minimize


"Ninjutsu, when just martial arts isn't enough" © IBHD 2011




"We don't just study fighting history, it's tested, tried, & applied." ©IBHD 2012


Over 35 years of Martial Arts training experience.

22 Years of being a fully licensed Ninjutsu teacher (Shidoshi*)

                            *Passed Godan/Shidoshi test Sept 14th, 1993.

26 Years of the Illinois Bujinkan Hiken Dojo.


MWW 2013 pics in gallery


CQB Firearm Training


Sui Ren - Water Training 2013

Pictures are now in the Photo Gallery

Event "T-shirt" done- order directly below


Hand to hand water CQB


If you are interested: attend the next scheduled class. 

      (please arrive 5-10min. early for you class)

Continue to scroll down page for more info & pictures.

Next class: Every Tuesday night



Ninja Kids (ages 3-9yrs): 6:30-7pm Training

Self Defense (ages 10-13) 7-8pm Training

Traditional Ninjutsu (ages 14 on up) 7-9pm

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NBC News Story WANDTV, Decatur, IL






*** Now accepting new students

of all ages, just attend the next

Tuesday night class.



2011 & 2013 Snow Pics in Gallery or Facebook



Modern Warrior Weekend


Traditional Warrior Weekend pics are in gallery



 Modern Warrior Weekend




View All Ages Class Schedule

attend the next scheduled

training session.



Learn a skill that lasts a life time@





Sam Worden, Black Belt 2014


2013 Godan Doug Black Shidoshi


2013 Godan David Geiselman



                               TWW: TBD            MWW: TBD   



Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Soke & Rick Spangler (Training in Japan) 

 New Tshirts & hoodies



THE GT CAMPUS 500 s. 27th st. Decatur, 62521

(Former Ameren IP Headquarters building)


-For more information, i.e. Ninja Kids or more 

 general information check the menu to your left.



Illinois Bujinkan Hiken Dojo Black Belt Council

(as of 2010 - some members not available for photo)




Train hard, live well, & see you at the dojo.

 Tuesday Adult Traditional Training in snow (more pics in Photo Gallery)



(adult class) Warrior Weekend

(yearly outdoor camping, overnight seminar, rain or shine).  Open to current Bujinkan members only.  email ricknin9@hotmail.com to sign up.  This is an "traditional, style retreat, as if you were in old Japan".  Check Photo Gallery for more pics.                         

Hatsumi Soke on CBS, (2 minute video clip)



 WAND-TV (NBC) story on this dojo & Rick Spangler Minimize

WAND TV (NBC), Decatur, ran a story,  Wednesday July 23rd, 6pm.  Thursday July24th,  6:45am & 12:00noon. Watch the video now 

** You will need to type at the bottom of the page in "their" page search "master/pastor" ... The news clip is called "N is for Ninjutsu, Master/Pastor"...


 Kyoketsu shoge & Kusari gama seminar... Volume 5 & 6 is done. Minimize


Kusarigama vol. 6 is done & ready

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